Commentary: Trump Impeachment Senate Trial

Before this entire Trump impeachment process ever got started we knew two things:

  1. Trump would be impeached in the House
  2. Trump would be acquitted in the Senate

President Trump will not be removed from office.  Yet, there is one sticking point:  an impeachment in the House does go down in history as an “impeachment” – regardless of what the Senate decides.

I think this is bad.  The reason is that no crime has been leveled against the president.  This is purely political.  To be honest, I blame both Democrats and Republicans for this “theater production”.  All these politicians are getting their chance to be in the lime light, their moment on stage when they sing the key solo or do their great soliloquy.  100 years from now students will read about the great orations done at the proceedings, as though it were something out of the book by Thucydides, “The Peloponnesian War”.  The Democrats even get commemorative impeachment pens as mementoes.

However, I think I see an exit strategy.  When all the dime store politicians are finished with securing their place in history, the president should put this entire case before the Supreme Court.  I do believe that is a function of this third branch of government.  Essentially, the president would submit a law suit against the House.   Since there is no crime, the impeachment could, possibly, simply be overturned.

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