John Duca Of Dallas Federal Reserve Speaks At The MIT Enterprise Forum Business Forecast Luncheon

The MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas (Houston) held its annual Business Forecast Luncheon.  The yearly event is always located at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Houston Branch.  The Fed building is located on Allen Parkway, just west of downtown.


The key featured speaker was Dr. John Duca.  Dr. Duca is a professor of economics at Oberlin College in Ohio.  He is also Vice President of the Federal Reserve Board of Dallas. With regards to economics, he specializes in macroeconomics, money, finance, credit, and housing.


In his presentation, Dr. Duca stated that the economy is not as variable as it once was in history.  In recent times, shocks to the economy show up as blips on the screen.  Furthermore, payrolls are up and unemployment is down.  The conclusion is that 2020 looks like it is going to be a good economic year in the USA.


The luncheon included other speakers as well, representing BBVA and Houston Exponential.  For more information on the Forum, the luncheon, the speakers, and slide presentations, please go to the website:


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