Commentary: A War In Iran Is Not Likely

I cannot believe all the talk of war that I hear about on the news.  The language is so foreign to me that I feel like I am from another planet.  I am not an expert on politics; but, I did go to college with some guys who went on to law school to study constitutional law.  Here is the way I see things based on what I have picked up during the past 40 years of observing politics.


The president is the CEO of the United States, thus, he can take executive action without Congress.  However, there is something called the War Powers Act.  This Act allows the president to commit armed forces without congressional approval for 60 days.  If Congress does not declare war by that time, then the president has 30 days to withdraw those armed forces.  So, Trump’s recent air strikes in Iraq are legal and not a declaration of war – only Congress can declare war.

Secondly, everyone is saying we are sliding down that slippery slope into war.  I say, “that is not likely”.  Although I have limited knowledge of politics, my understanding is that the US has not been in an officially declared war since World War II.  All the so called “wars” since 1945 have been United Nations peace keeping operations.

My conclusion is that if the US were to enter Iran, it would be under the flag of the United Nations.  That is the way things have been done since WWII.  The problem is that the US usually sends the majority of the troops and spends the most money, and in the end gets left holding the bag.  Nevertheless, a “peace keeping” action would be done by the US in conjunction with the United Nations – if “war” ever does come.  I think we are a long way from that happening.  The politicians and the press are just completely blurring the lines.

These are my opinions.  Let me know what you think.

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