Trump Impeachment Hearings – Follow The Money Trail, The Democrats

For the past couple of weeks I have been posting data on who are the major donors to the campaign finance of top Democrats pushing Trump impeachment.  These companies include Walt Disney, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, some top accounting firms and a bunch of companies in health insurance.


We know full well what these top Democrats represent to America:  abortion, gay marriage, socialized medicine, and secularism.  What really caught my eye is how many times Walt Disney reoccurred in the lists as a top donor.  My coworkers here and abroad tell me that they trust Disney for their children’s entertainment.  I do not see how.  Disney does not seem to put its donations to work for campaigns that support family values.

I think we should look not only at who we vote for, but also at who is supporting who we vote for.  In the next series of articles, I will look at the Republicans


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