Press Release From Real Sourcing Network: Keys to Successful Martech Procurement

The marketing technology landscape now includes more than 7,000 distinct solutions, and the number is still growing. Recent research shows that many companies are spending as much on marketing technology as they are on media – and more than they are with agencies. Research also shows that companies update their marketing technology “stack” frequently – 83% replace at least one marketing software application every year.


In these circumstances, companies must have and use sound practices for procuring marketing technologies.

On January 29, 2020, Sandy Kane, the CEO of Real Sourcing Network, will be joined by a stellar panel of sourcing professionals who will share their real-world strategies for managing the procurement of marketing technology solutions. In this fast-paced discussion, you will learn:

    • Why marketing procurement is increasingly about technology procurement
    • How successful procurement pros evaluate and source marketing technologies
    • How to manage relationships with the key stakeholders involved in the acquisition of marketing technologies

If you’re a procurement or marketing procurement professional, this program is for you.


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