At about 8pm CST, 12/18/2019, Donald Trump was impeached by the US House of Representatives.  As I sat and listened to the NPR broadcast of the event, so many contradictory thoughts passed through my mind.  I could not get the thought out of my head that the impeachment seems so surreal that it must be a hoax.


I will tell you why I say this.  I learned from Fox News about 2 days ago that President Trump has put together a team that will move forward and work with the United Nations on a plan to make homosexuality legal all across the globe.  I was shocked.  With the barbarians literally at the gate, how does Trump have the time to worry if homosexuality is legal in Timbuktu or Khartoum or any other place?  From what I understand, the president’s base voters are against this action; rather, they are more likely to support family values, church, heterosexual marriage, children, and grand children. A risky move to go against your base at a time like this.

But then suddenly, like St. Paul, the scales fell from my eyes.  We are all being duped.  From the word “GO”, everyone in Washington D.C. knew that President Trump will never be forced out of office.  This whole impeachment drama is just theater – both Democrats and Republicans are guilty.  This is their opportunity to make a whole heck of a lot of noise to look like they are doing something.  Both sides are wasting millions of dollars on a fraud to make it look like they are working.

We all knew from Day 1 that the Senate will never approve of impeachment.  Thus, the plot to remove Trump was doomed from the start.  The Republicans should have just gone along with this passively, with minimal effort, and worked on the real issues like healthcare, homelessness, reducing the deficit, and education.  But no, theater was better.

I learned  earlier this week that Trump passed an order to pull funding from universities that allow speech against Israel.  From what I gather by listening to the TV anchors doing interviews, saying something like Israel should be given back to the Palestinians is equivalent to making a terrorist threat on a college campus today.  Does not Trump have anything better to think about? I mean, he just got impeached.

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