Commentary: Uphold The Constitution? What Does That Mean?

The current impeachment hearings in Washington DC are really scaring me when I see just how low the Democrats can go.  But even worse, I get really nervous when I see how they treat the Constitution and Bill of Rights as if they were divine texts handed down from above.  Or, how things like The Federalist Papers are revered as if though they were the writings of St. Augustine.  Republicans are guilty of this too by the way.


The fact of the matter is that the concepts in the Constitution were not novel ideas when Madison put pen to paper.  The brotherhood and equality of mankind is a very old  idea.  To get some perspective on this, Aristotle wrote something called “The Constitution of Athens”  and Xenophon wrote “The Constitution of Sparta”.  These ideas go way back in time.

I must be living in a bubble.  What I mean is that I thought everyone knew that human expression can never completely explain reality.  No words that I could ever utter nor words that I could ever jot down, could fully convey my feelings to others.  This is also true with laws.  You can never write a law that covers every circumstance.  The goal is to write something that is robust but still be ready to apply sound judgement for each particular case.

I think that is what our Founding Fathers were striving for back in 1776.  They just wrote basic guidelines but still expected folks to use judgement.  The goal is the same goal that has existed since the beginning of time:  justice and fairness.  So you can throw all that arguing about the Constitution and The Federalist Papers right out the window.  Justice and fairness are things that all people know when they are born, and they are things that men have known since time began.

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