Article From Oil Price: Is The Aramco IPO The Ultimate Pump And Dump?

I am a recreational investor, I do not put too much at risk on the market.  However, I am definitely a person who knows about the “Pump and Dump”  That is, you hype a stock on TV (like CNBC and call it news) or get an editor at the Wall Street Journal to write some lying article about how great this stock is that you are holding.  When the price is high enough, you and your friends, who are holding millions and millions of dollars of this stock, suddenly sell:  the stock price takes a major dive.

Aramco Office

I will tell you this much.  I recently sold a stock that I bought back in 2007, the day before the FED announced its second interest rate reduction.  The stock price sank the next day and never recovered until just this month.  I only made a 50 cent profit on each stock. I felt like, “get rid of this thing now while you still have time”.

I do not believe that the Aramco IPO will be a “pump and dump”.  However, some folks do think this.  Please read the article by

Some institutional investors—from a few select countries, most in the Gulf—will also be welcome to buy shares in Aramco in early December. However, due to the lukewarm reaction of international investors to the IPO, Aramco seems to have decided not to prioritize them as buyers. And rightly so, as the only way international investors can make money from Aramco shares is as a short-term strategy, according to energy historian and Saudi expert Ellen R. Wald.

The full article can be read here:

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