Commentary On Trump Impeachment: “Here Is That Rainy Day”

Thursday, Oct 31, 2019, will go down in history as the greatest historical event in human history.  The Democrats have decided to vote on impeachment on Thursday, and they will get it; but only because they are in the majority, and for no other reason.  The lies for impeachment are so obvious, so in your face, that anyone who is not insane and has an IQ above 80 can see the truth:  this is all fabricated.

First of all, the Democrats claim there was “quid pro quo” in the President’s conversation with the Ukraine.  If you were born speaking the English language, it is obvious that it is not there.  Yet, Shifty Shiff and Nancy Pelosi continue with their lies that they are fulfilling their duties to the American people and that they have an ethical responsibility to uphold the constitution, blah, blah, blah.  These are cold hearted, stone eyed monsters.  They lie without any pain in their conscience at all.  There was no “quid pro quo”.

Secondly, the Democrats say that Trump abused his office to scrape up dirt on a political rival.  What?  Joe Biden to this day has not received the official endorsement for president from the Democratic Party as yet.  We have not even started the election season.  When this phone call happened with the Ukraine, I think Biden was slipping in the polls to Elizabeth Warren – Warren may have even surpassed Biden for a time.  How can Trump and Biden be rivals?  They have not even started competing for anything – Biden is not even on the radar as a rival.

History is saturated with such examples and cases, where an innocent man is railroaded through the system, and their is nothing that anyone can do.  The majority continues down a path of obvious lies and sits back, “What are you going to do about it? We have the power.”  The only option left to the innocent is revolution, but no one wants that.  It is better to keep the peace.

A good example of this process is the book, The Apology, by Plato.  Here Socrates is accused of confusing youth with his philosophy and is given the DEATH PENALTY.  Socrates defends his position very well, but in the end, the court says, “no, guilty, death”.  While in prison, the friends of Socrates tell him that they can break him out quietly, take care of him in exile, and protect him.  Socrates declines their offer, stating that everything was carried out via standard legal process, it is his obligation to take the consequences.

Their is another book by Plutarch called Parallel Lives.  This book shows how the lives of great men in ancient Greece run parallel with the lives of great men in ancient Rome.  In essence, the book shows how every time a great man rises from the chaos to help his nation, his opponents jump on him like a pack of rats and devour him.  To some extent, Plutarch is saying that this is the natural order of things, it cannot be avoided.

And so, that rainy day is finally here.  One thousand years from now, if the earth still exists, books will be written about how Trump’s life has paralleled the lives of so many great people in the past.  I could see this day coming from when I was a child, I was just hoping it would still be 100 years from now.  What makes this impeachment so notable is that the USA, the greatest nation in history, a country that has done so much for human development, renowned for its freedom, democracy, and justice, in the end, makes the same errors as the past.  Congratulations President Trump, you have joined the ranks of so many great men in history.  Your name will live forever.

Please enjoy the video below.

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