Press Release: ProSep proves MAX+ ProSalt mixer has global appeal

14 October 2019, ProSep, a supplier of high-efficiency mixing and best-in-class water treatment solutions, to the global energy industry, has announced the successful installation and sales of its proprietary MAX+ ProSalt™ mixers across a number of strategic global locations.


Demonstrating the MAX+ mixer’s versatility, the contracts will ensure that the technology is deployed in the refinery, midstream, and upstream environments for three global clients in Argentina, Slovakia and the southern USA.

The MAX+ mixer provides homogeneous, high efficiency mixing, regardless of the process flow rate for crude desalting, resulting in better distribution, moderate shear forces and emulsion avoidance thereby reducing chemical and wash water consumption. This homogeneous distribution differentiates the MAX+ mixer from conventional mixing valves, which can result in stable emulsions of wash water and crude impacting the separation performance.

Mahesh Konduru, ProSep’s Chief Executive, said: “The global petrochemical industry continues to source solutions that are both cost and time efficient; our MAX+ mixer was designed with those requirements specifically in mind. Regardless of environment – refinery, midstream or upstream – the mixer ensures efficient wash water utilization by reducing injection volumes and improving separation of disparate fluids, when compared to traditional mixing technologies.

The recent installation and sale of our MAX+ ProSalt mixers across three global locations and a range of environments demonstrates the versatility of our technologies and our commitment to continuously innovate as a business.”

With a portfolio of proprietary products, ProSep has installed over 100 mixers globally and works with many of the world’s largest energy companies, providing high-efficiency mixing and best-in-class produced water solutions that enhance operations and deliver rapid return on investment.

Laura Krauss
Junior Account Executive
A:           10 Bon Accord Square Aberdeen, AB11 6DJ
T:           +44(0)1224 623960
DD:       +44(0)1224 623971

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