Pro Box and Palletized Trucking Roll Out The Red Carpet For Breakbulk Conference Attendees

I cannot believe what a good time we had on Tuesday night at Breakbulk.  Two companies, Pro Box and Palletized Trucking hosted, what I would call, a semi-gala for those attending the conference.  Entertainment was provided by Elvis impersonator Vince King.  I learned some new things and met some great people.


The party was held at the historic Rice Hotel, today called Rice Lofts.  I pass by this building all the time and never think about the wonderful history associated with it.  The original building on the site was the Capitol Building for the Republic of Texas.  The first Rice hotel was owned by William Marsh Rice and ownership later transferred to Rice Institute (University).


The 3rd building to stand on this site is what you see today, the 2nd Rice Hotel building.  The construction was financed by Jesse Jones and the Rice Institute.  The present structure is the result of fairly extensive modifications, extensions, and renovations.  What a gem.


On Tuesday, Pro Box was celebrating its 25 year anniversary.  At the heart of the Pro Box business model, is to buy and sell containers for shipping; and that includes specialized containers for the offshore industry.  Pro Box likes to tout its newest product:  “The One Tripper”


Pro Box also offers services:

  • Container inspections and certifications
  • Container maintenance and repair
  • Container modifications
  • Depot service loading
  • Storage container delivery


Palletized Trucking (celebrating its 50th anniverseay) specializes in transporting difficult jobs.  If you have a huge, oblique product to ship, that is just too wide and too high, Palletized wants your business.  Shipping what I call, “the mean and uglies”, can be cumbersome and expensive.  You really need an expert in this field.


Palletized tells me that they pride themselves in getting difficult jobs done for you.  In particular, this goes beyond loading the product and strapping it down.  Included in the process is route planning, avoiding low overpasses and tricky underpasses, using bucket crews to lift power lines, calling the power company to move electrical wires, and working with police for an escort and traffic control.


I think these are some pretty good, down home, folks.  If you got a bulky transport order, give them a call.  Contact information is given below.


Clara McVille

Jeff Burch


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