Breakbulk Americas Conference “Bulks Up” For Houston, Oct 8 – 10, 2019

Breakbulk Americas Conference is in Houston this week, George R. Brown Convention Center.  The focus of this event is how to transport big, bulky items; like a five stage centrifugal compressor or an ethane/ethylene splitter column.  The meeting officially kicked off yesterday and what a day it was.  The business, fun, and festivities continued until late into the night.


The day started off for me with the afternoon “kick off” party.  This was held in front of GRB, at “The Wharf”  The event was sponsored by Fracht, a logistics company.  They are Swiss based with an office in the Greenspoint Area.  Plenty of music, champagne, drinks, and cake for all.  Oh, and not to mention, business networking and fun too.


We then moved into the convention hall to continue the party.  I had a chance to speak to many exhibitors.  The exhibition takes up all of Halls C and D.  You have every type of link in the logistics chain represented.  I spoke to folks in loading/unloading, trucking, crating, containers, warehousing, and logistics/analytics.


I rounded out the night by attending a company anniversary party for Palletized Trucking (50 years) and Pro Box (25 years).  The venue was the Rice Hotel on Texas Avenue.  The spot light of this gathering was hearing Elvis impersonator Vince King and his full band.  Man, he was good.  We shared more drinks, shrimp, appetizers, networking, memories.  The Rice Hotel is a lovely place, perfect whether dancing in the ball room or kicking back with new friends on the balcony.


The conference is here until  Thursday.  For more information, please go to their website:


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