Commentary: President Trump Has Natural Human Rights By Law

Look into these eyes and tell me if you think these are the eyes of a normal human being.  The behavior of the extreme left in Congress obviously has only one goal:  abuse.  Up to now, President Trump has exchanged small insults back and forth with the Democrats:  Shifty Schiff, Little Dictator, Pocahontas, etc.  But the “parody”, recently parroted by Adam Schiff, is part of a trend that is categorically different from small slights – and is not a new trend, it is just getting worse.

In a previous article, I published the full transcript of the conversation between President Trump and the Ukrainian President.  Now compare that with the “parody” by Adam Schiff (given in the video above), and it is obvious that there is no comparison – that is slander.

Up to now, I believe Trump has tried to be nice about this; but I found out in elementary school that you need to shut a bully down right at the beginning.  When I tried to be dignified and rise above the behavior of a bully, the only thing I got was escalation as the bully became bolder.  It starts out as a verbal confrontation, then a shove, followed by a punch.  Suddenly you are being chased home by a mob and actually running completely out of your shoes in an attempt to get away.  Your bike is thrown in a tree and finally the mob chases you to your very house door, stopped only by your mother.

I moved many, many times as a kid.  A new bully was at every school.  I avoided fights because my parents were absolutely against fighting – they did not want to get school notes about it.  But, it only took one fight, for all my bully problems to be over at that school.  President Trump, are you listening?

The President has natural human rights and that includes protection against defamation.  Up to now, the President has been playing defense; but, it is now time to go on offense.  The “parody” by Adam Schiff is just an outright lie and there are laws against that.  This should be a civil suit.  President Trump:  we have courts of law, please use them.  Your decency is just making the Democratic bullies even bolder.

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