Commentary And Video: US Intelligence Community Is Out To Get Trump Sept 30 2019

I always loved history.  My parents hated it, they wanted me to study engineering.  Having read history as a hobby for my whole life, what I really like about it is that it repeats – this is because people never change, they are the same over the centuries.


The political fighting in Washington reminds me of the environment in Athens (the first known Democracy) during the Peloponnesian War around 400 BC.  The Peloponnesian War was a long protracted war of about 30 years between Athens and Sparta.  Some pretty bad things happened in Athens in and around this general time frame.

  • Socrates was arrested and executed.  Without a doubt, he was one of the greatest philosophers in human history.  He was accused of confusing the minds of youth through impiety, discussing things in the heavens above and things below.  Death Penalty!
  • Alcibiades was a great general for Athens during the Peloponnesian War.  While on his way to Sicily to fight the Spartans, he was recalled on charges of impiety.  He was in a mid-ocean voyage, the government sent a ship after him known by its black sail.  It was said that he defaced a statue of Mercury.  Facing certain execution, Alcibiades defected to Sparta and the Athenians suffered their worst defeat in Syracuse:  about 80 thousand men were lost.
  • Themistocles was ostracized – banished for 10 years.  He was the great Athenian naval commander who fought at Artemisium; and thus, essentially protected the flank of the well known 300 Spartans at Thermopylae.  After Thermopylae, he absolutely smashed the Persian naval forces at Salamis.  While ostracized, he then faced trumped up charges; and fled to work for the King of Persia.
  • After losing the Peloponnesian War, Athens suffered complete political collapse.  Different factions vied for power, there was a political purge and mass executions.  The great Athenian writer Xenophon says, in his book Hellenica, “as would be expected during times like this” – I am paraphrasing.

What I am not paraphrasing is what this attached video claims.  Our nation is fractured.  The intelligence community is accused of supporting the Democratic party and protecting people like Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Joe Biden.  Democratic congressmen are openly discussing plans to send the “jack boots” after people who work for Donald Trump, and arrest them – that is a political purge.  The only thing stopping the Democrats is, I believe, that Trump appears to have strong support from the military and regular law enforcement – and ultimately the support of the American people.  Rep. Tlaib asked, if they were to do arrests, who would they send?

If it were not for the great support that Trump enjoys, I would not put it past the Radical Left to send storm troopers to the White House, and simply kick down the door.  It has happened in history before.  We are “going off the rails on a crazy train”.

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