Balanced Flow Meter From A+ FlowTek

While attending the 11th AIChE Southwest Process Technology Conference, in Sugar Land, yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Van Buskirk, owner of A+ FlowTek.  Paul informed me that his company has developed an orifice plate that delivers nearly 100% pressure recovery in process applications.  The orifice plate is the Balanced Flow Meter – see picture below.

The trick to this device is that it eliminates the “vena contracta”.  The vena contracta is where all the kinetic energy is lost and the system cannot return to full pressure recovery – see figure below.  All that swirling is lost energy.  Thus, with this orifice plate your discharge coefficient, Cd, can be (with the right design) essentially 1.

A+ FlowTek Balanced Flow Meter Plate   versus Standard Orifice Plate 

A+ FlowTek also provides all the software for performing orifice plate calculations.  For more information, please contact:

Annmarie Hudson
A+ FlowTek


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