I recently spoke to representatives from McAfee at the SANS Oil and Gas Cybersecurity Summit 2019, in Houston.  This press release is a bit old, but McAfee was definitely promoting this product at the exhibition.  If you are interested in industrial cybersecurity, please continue reading.


MVISION: Managing Device Security in the Sunshine

By on Jul 16, 2018

Over the years, cybersecurity vendors have created a storm of complexity to defend devices and put the burden on one load-bearing support beam – the administrator.  The expansion of devices, operating systems, attack surfaces, and forms of attack have spawned a storm system on our devices:  a tsunami of clients, tornado of management consoles, and a monsoon of administrative overhead to keep everything updated and running.

It’s time for us to play nice together to mount collective defenses that control the weather and clear the clouds for our device security admins.  McAfee is leading the way on this mission with McAfee® MVISION, bringing new innovative experiences to the way your security admins manage PC and mobile threat defenses.  McAfee MVISION embraces with open arms native security controls and third-party technologies to deliver a new level of “Together Is Power” integration, eliminating overlaps, overhead, and complexity.

Clearing the Way with MVISION

McAfee believes in efficient security solutions that reduce overhead while still delivering the peace of mind of layered threat defenses.  If you have it in the operating system, then you should be able to use it.  But you should not have to give up one area to gain the other.  The new McAfee® MVISION Endpoint product orchestrates the native security controls in Windows 10 with targeted advanced threat defenses in a unified management workflow to visualize and investigate threats, understand compliance, and pivot to action.  First, the new client simplifies the administrator experience by managing built-in security controls and eliminates the maintenance overhead with automatic updates.  Next, the unified management workflow provides integrated policy configuration, integrated threat event visibility, and integrated compliance.  Finally, it provides the comprehensive threat defense needed against sophisticated attacks with targeted McAfee advanced detection and automated remediation controls.  It enables your security admins to start each day without a cloud in the sky, to see the threats on the horizon, and to focus on reducing security risks on your endpoints.

With more employees working off the corporate network (mobile data, public WiFi, offline… and even in a real storm), McAfee® MVISION Mobile lets you protect against threats to your employees and your data on Apple iOS and Google Android devices like you do on your PC’s.   You can now manage the defense of your mobile devices alongside your PCs, IoT devices, servers, and cloud workloads inside McAfee ePO with unified visibility to threats, integrated compliance reporting, and threat response orchestration.

New task-oriented workspaces inside McAfee® MVISION ePO, a SaaS service, eliminate the console tornado complexity by elevating management above the specific threat defense technologies with simple, intuitive workflows for security threat and compliance control across devices.  In addition, this SaaS service removes the admin overhead of maintaining infrastructure and ensures you are always running the best security available.  This dedicated focus to clear situational awareness and control allows administrators to complete tasks in 50% less time and less chance of creating an undesirable storm for themselves.  And, if you are not ready for SaaS, these simplified, task-oriented workspaces are also available for McAfee ePO deployed on-premise or in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Quick Start guides that reduce deployments from days to less than one hour.

The McAfee Forecast

We want to be your #1 security partner and not part of the storm you have to fight.  A true partner is flexible and works openly with everyone to clear the way to the best protection for your business.  To McAfee, it doesn’t matter if it is ours or theirs; it’s yours.  “Together is Power” is more than a tag line.  It means that every layer — from devices, operating systems, environments, and security software vendors — should take a stand and work together so we can fight the real storm constantly threatening us:  cyber criminals.  McAfee is working diligently with partners from OS providers to McAfee’s Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) of more than 125 security vendors, even with those seen as competitors.  Sharing information and intelligence openly with McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and creating integrated augmented defenses enables you to eliminate the storms and see the rainbow in the resulting sunshine.

Simplify.  Integrate.  Comprehend.  Together Is Power.  Together let’s get device security to that beautiful, clear, sunny day.

Learn more in our on demand MVISION webcast.

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