18th Annual Gas And Power Institute Concludes Today, 9/27/2019

The Gas and Power Institute was in Houston this week, September 26 – 27.  The meeting was held at the Whitehall Hotel in downtown.  The conference is essentially an opportunity for lawyers to get professional development credits to maintain their bar license.


The event is designed for lawyers who work in the electrical power industry. That can encompass a lot of things:  gas powered plants, coal fired plants, LNG supply, retail markets, etc.  I cannot believe that an industry this mature can be so legalistic, especially with contracts and insurance.


Here are some of the meeting highlights:


  • Commissioner Richard Glick, of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, will deliver the Thursday Luncheon Keynote Presentation.
  • Texas Legislative and Regulatory Update provides highlights from the 86th Texas Legislative Session and updates on recent judicial and administrative decisions affecting the Texas gas and electric industries.
  • Dodd Frank Update-Why Are We Still Talking About This?
  • Review strategies and best practices for effectively managing the diverse array of responsibilities thrust upon in-house counsel in the wake of a major incident.
  • The Electric Industry: What’s Next?
  • Hear about the newly created NAEMA and IECA Power and Gas Master Agreement and how it removes hurdles that have historically impeded energy transactions.
  • U.S. LNG Production, Logistics, Congestion, Infrastructure, Exports, and Pricing
  • Texas Natural Gas Pipeline Development and Regulation
  • Mike Moran, the COO and Chief Commercial Officer of Midcoast Energy, LLC, will deliver the Friday Morning Keynote Presentation.


The event was put together by The University of Texas School of Law, Continuing Legal Education.  They frequently sponsor events like this geared for the energy industry.  For more information, please see their website:  www.utcle.org.





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