Energy Tech Night At St. Arnold’s Brewery, 9/25/2019

The quarterly meeting of Energy Tech Night was conducted at St. Arnold’s Brewery last night.  The event is a place were innovators, start-ups, and investors all come together to discuss business and make deals.  We come together every three months to talk business over beers and pizza.


Here is a description from the organizers:

A regular meetup for the Energy Technology and Digital Innovation leaders in Houston, powered by InnovateEnergy and Digital Wildcatters. Startups, Energy & Engineering Corporate innovation, venture groups and the Investor community all come together to catch up on the latest in energy innovation and emerging tech. Each Energy Tech Night offers insights from energy digitalization experts and rapid-fire pitches from the cutting edge in startups offering solutions for the energy challenges of today & tomorrow.


What caught my eye at the meeting were a couple of firms presenting software in the areas of logistics and supply chain.  I also noticed a presentation or two on artificial reality.  And of course, the investors are there too, looking for that opportunity to pull the trigger.


For more information on the next Energy Tech Night in December 2019, please contact Sean Guerre:

Sean Guerre

See you there in December!



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