Commentary: Nancy Pelosi Launches Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump

I never thought I would see the day come when our government could stoop so low:  using a “cat fight” to steer our country.  After all the accusations over which Trump has triumphed, now the Democrats want to start a formal inquiry over what, at most, was a transposing of words.  I am speaking with respect to the telephone call Trump conducted with the President of the Ukraine.


This sudden, out of the blue, attack on the president can only be for two reasons:  1.  The Democrats have no chance of beating Trump in 2020, and 2. the Ukrainian issue turned out to blow back in the face of Joe Biden.  I think the latter is actually the more impelling cause.  The reason is because the entire debacle revealed that Biden’s son was an oil consultant for the Ukraine, making about $50,000/mo, and he has no oil experience at all.  Gosh, I have 30 years of oil experience and I am lucky to get $40/hr.

It looks like Biden may not recover from this for the 2020 election.  But what troubles me, is that this impeachment inquiry exposes the fact that the Democrats have not even the faintest shadow of human decency anymore.  If I saw someone acting like this in the business community, I would steer clear of that person – not even carry the facade of shaking his hand.

Trump has won on so many battle fronts:  taxes, immigration, Russian Collusion, tariffs, border wall, fighting terrorism, etc.  It makes me reflect that this actually could be the end of the Democratic Party in history.  It has happened before in history when a political party goes off the rails and the  people just turn their backs on them.

A man blindfolded can see the future of this charade.  Every attack against the President is repelled and instead of getting weaker, the President gets stronger.  I actually agree with the Democrats on some issues:  helping the poor, saving the environment, reducing outrageous executive pay, things like that.  But after this latest revelation, I will never believe another thing the Democratic Party says.  They do not have the basic human decency for having a civil exchange of political ideas.  The Democrats are actually going use the weight of the entire US nation for personal revenge.


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