Energy Football: Baylor Over Rice 21 – 13


The Rice University Owls played the Baylor University Bears in a football game on September 21, 2019 at Rice Stadium in Houston.  The teams were, more or less, equally matched; although the entirety of Baylor’s points were racked up in the first half.  The key to Baylor’s success was just athleticism:  speed, size, agility, weight lifting, conditioning – it appears to me.


Head Coach Michael Bloomgren started at Rice University in December 2017 after being the Director of Offense at Stanford.  Rice only won 2 games in 2018 and has won none this year, so far.  This is not unusual when there is a change at the top.  It takes time to get the program aligned right, such as plays, strategies, philosophies, and recruitment.


Going to a Rice game is always a treat because I like to meet people, particularly in the energy business.  I had the chance to speak to a couple that have worked in the Houston energy arena since before 1970.  We talked about how things have changed since “the good ole days”.  Energy companies really need to start investing in their employees like they used to do:  training, benefits, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, health care, etc.


At least one energy organization is giving back to the community:  the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (see photo below).  Their advertisements were posted all over Rice Stadium on Saturday night.  It is good to see it when folks in the energy business support the people and their festivities.


Quarterback Wiley Green returned to the line up after being injured in the Wake Forest game a couple of weeks ago.  I think he played well and without reservation.  Another guy to watch this year is Harvard University transfer, running back Charlie Booker.  He has got guts and speed.


CBS commentator, Dave Ryan, noted that Rice has a “brutal schedule” this year.  I have to agree.  Thus far, I have attended the Wake Forest and Baylor games.  Both teams are very athletic, physically strong, and tough.  Rice played Texas last week – enough said there.  Rice is a competitive team, they just need to get their rhythm going.


Rice faces off against Louisiana Tech on Saturday, September 28.  Something tells me its going to be a “bar room brawl”.  Come and join us.  Please enjoy more photos from the game given below.





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