Marine and Energy Insurance Conference Wraps Up In Houston

The Marine and Energy Insurance Conference came to a close on Tuesday, 9/17/2019.  The event was held at the Westin Galleria, off of West Alabama.  I can not believe just how much insurance you need to get a plant up and running in this business.


One of the things we talked about at the meeting was the value of digital twins.  Workers in a chemical plant must be trained to do their jobs.  A digital twin is a great economic way of getting that done using virtual reality.  Since the training is done on a computer, the activity can be recorded, verified, and filed away for reference.


But the presentation that really caught my eye was that by William Juska, Freehill Hogan and Mahar, “US Sanctions:  The Changing Landscape”.  Juska gave us a 50 year review of US sanctions on the global scene:  Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran again.  The main point of the presentation is that. in this environment, one has to be very careful; because the most benign interaction with a sanctioned country could lead to big suspicions.  Juska said that a few years ago, he paid for the airline tickets of a detained cargo crew, and later was reimbursed by the Cuban government – he got flagged.  He says that the rules of the road in this game are vague and one must use careful judgement.IMG_1137.JPG

For more information on this and future events, please visit their website:  See you there!



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