Press Release: Phillips 66 and PSI Services Present Paper at National Safety Council Conference, September 10, 2019, On “Safety DNA”

Organizations Hire and Develop Safer Employees with PSI Services

PSI’s SafetyDNA program elevates safety beyond conventional trainings to focus on internal safety.

GLENDALE, CALIF. — PSI Services, a leading provider of innovative human resources and talent management tools, extends its expertise into safety training with the SafetyDNA Assessment and Development Program. Research shows there are innate psychological characteristics that are consistently linked to safety behavior, incident rates and injury severity. The unique combination of these traits and abilities, which PSI refers to as an individual’s SafetyDNA, influences daily behavior, decision-making and exposure to risk. Through understanding the unique safety traits of leaders and team members, organizations can “make safety personal.”


The SafetyDNA Assessment and Development Program is a groundbreaking experience that elevates safety beyond conventional trainings to focus on personal safety. While most safety initiatives focus on external safety, such as P.P.E. and compliance training, the true potential for improvement in employee safety is understanding what is transpiring on a personal level. Through the experiential learning of the SafetyDNA Assessment and Development Program, participants experience how their unique SafetyDNA impacts their safety behavior.

Taking the program one step further, the SafetyDNA for Leaders Program is a solution for safety leadership development. This process measures leaders’ personal SafetyDNA in conjunction with their natural leadership style and safety leader competencies, then couples this information with engaging learning and one-on-one coaching experiences. The result is a highly personalized, comprehensive, and data-driven experience that gives leaders greater self-awareness and builds their safety leader skills.

“It’s a journey of continuous improvement,” said Esteban Tristan, Director of Corporate Safety Solutions for PSI Services. “Through our work of focusing on human performance and our customers’ investment to ensure their leadership is involved and bought into the process, we can help ensure safety is a top priority for a facility, and the individuals working there.”

Other organizations, including Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery, have implemented PSI Service’s SafetyDNA technology to improve safety at the individual level. Hope Gray, the Health, Safety & Environmental manager for Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery, presented with Esteban Tristan on the outcomes Phillips 66 has seen in part thanks to PSI’s corporate safety assessments, learning and coaching tools, at the 2019 National Safety Council Congress & Expo.

A leading provider of assessment tools and solutions, PSI Services administers over 15 million tests and assessments every year. Through 17 acquisitions in the past few years, PSI Services has grown as a worldwide, industry-leading professional testing services provider to corporations, federal and state government agencies, professional associations, certifying bodies and leading academic institutions. The combined expertise of these leaders in education-and industry-based testing and psychometric solutions enhances PSI’s service offerings across multiple markets. Find more information at


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