Press Release: Probe Introduces UHT Dimension First XY Caliper For Geothermal Well Operations

New Tool Relies on Kuster® Technology to Measure Scale Build-up and Temperature Fluctuations


FORT WORTH, Texas – September 16, 2019 – Probe, a leading supplier of cased-hole logging and advanced monitoring technology to the global oil and gas and geothermal industries, today announced the launch of its UHT Dimension™ XY Caliper, the first XY Caliper Tool specifically designed to operate in ultra-high temperature environments.  This new development expands upon the renowned Kuster® geothermal logging tool portfolio, used extensively in the global geothermal industry for its performance and reliability.

Developed to operate in hostile environments up to 325°C (617°F), the UHT Dimension tool provides two continuous independent perpendicular measurements (X and Y) of the internal diameter of the casing.  The tool also produces a high-resolution temperature profile of the well via an external fast-response resistance temperature detector (RTD).  There is no other caliper tool that offers this versatility for ultra-high temperature and geothermal well operations.

Featuring Kuster® high-temperature technology, it is the latest addition to Probe’s range of Kuster® pressure-temperature (PT) sensors, pressure-temperature-spinner (PTS) sensors, and Protherma™ (UHT PLT with pressure-temperature-spinner-gamma ray-casing collar measurements). All materials used to produce the UHT Dimension tool meet with the requisite NACE MRO175 specifications for use in corrosive wellbore environment. 

B) Probe UHT Dimension™ XY Caliper tool.png

Acting upon early warning signs prevents reduced flow

“The introduction of ultra-high temperature XY Caliper technology for the geothermal industry is a major breakthrough.  A critical factor is that mineral deposition regularly affects geothermal well conditions. Until now, gauging the internal diameter of these wells was ineffective.  The ability to generate a continuous log and accurately calculate flowrates is huge differentiating advantage,” said Steve Beattie, Sales Manager for Well Monitoring for Probe. “By gathering accurate, reliable on-depth casing dimensions, geothermal companies can quantify scale build-up and any other restrictions due to the reduction in casing diameter. The tool also identifies downhole components and other anomalies.  By detecting such issues early on, the operator engaging in such proactive maintenance can maintain a critical flowrate by removing the restriction; which will aid in reducing the operational downtime and treatment cost.”

Versatile tool offers increased efficiency

The UHT Dimension tool is very versatile. It can be run stand-alone or combined with other Kuster® geothermal PT and PTS tools. Its robust mechanical design features single roller arms that conform easily to most wellbore conditions.  However, if there is a need to run over slotted sleeves or sandscreens, an optional triple roller arm is available for increased run efficiency.

Rigorously tested during field trials executed in Asia and the USA, the UHT Dimension™ XY Caliper is now available for purchase.  
To learn more about the new UHT Dimension™ XY Caliper, visit Probe at the Geothermal Resources Council’s Annual Meeting & Expo 2019, at Stand 520 where it will be available to inspect. It will take place on September 15 – 18, 2019 in Palm Springs, California. Or go to 
Justin Galloway, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Probe
Fort Worth, Texas USA
Office:   +1 817 568 8528 x1212 

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