Marine and Energy Insurance Conference Opens With a Cocktail Party

The Marine and Energy Insurance Conference is being held in Houston, September 15 -17.  The venue is the beautiful Westin Galleria Hotel on West Alabama.  The event is designed for insurance professionals, students, and includes continuing education courses.


The first day kicked off with a casino party.  There was plenty of food and beverage for everyone.  I got myself introduced to many conference attendees with drinks over a game of black jack (just chips, no real money).  There is a large university presence at the conference.  Students of various disciplines are encouraged to enter the insurance profession.


One of the reasons I like to attend these meetings is because so many aspects of the energy business require insurance.  Here are some of the topics:

  • Supply Chain Disruption
  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Work Accidents


  • Explosions
  • International Sanctions
  • Risk Management


The conference will be here until Tuesday.  So, there is still time to join us.  Find out more here:



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