Energy Football: Wake Forest 41 – Rice 21

In Texas, the energy business and football just naturally go together.  On September 6, 2019, Rice University hosted Wake Forest in an evening contest.  It is always a treat to visit Rice Stadium.  I have been going there since I was 11 years old and even attended the Super Bow in that stadium in 1974.

Wake Forest Touchdown In The Second Quarter

Early in the game, the teams appeared to be evenly matched.  In the first quarter, Wake Forest scored 14 points.  However, Rice came back and scored 14 points as well.  A shift in the Rice momentum appears to have occurred when starting Rice quarterback, Wiley Green, was injured while attempting to score in the final minutes of the 1st Quarter.  It thus appears as though Rice could not get up enough steam to effectively get into the end zone, and Wake Forest went on to win the game.  Green suffered either a neck or head injury but I have not been able to determine which as yet.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers:  IBEW

One of the things I really like to see at these games is the involvement of local energy companies and organizations in our community events.  One of the respected sponsors at  Rice University is the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  I have spoken to these folks at conferences, and they can help you get any big energy project done.  IBEW specializes in getting the properly trained and certified personnel needed to complete your facility, and will aide in the scheduling and planning too.

Rice University Treats Its Credentialed Press Very Well

Overall, pretty nice summer evening at Rice Stadium on Friday.  The press box is very lavish and has all the amenities.  I also visited the R Room.  This is the large elevated room at the South end of Rice Stadium that is really a Hall of Fame for former Rice athletes.  During home games, Rice Alumni and friends celebrate and watch the game – nice place.

The R Room

Rice plays The University of Texas next week at NRG stadium.  Should be a good one.  Be there!  More photos below, please view.






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