Press Release: Bedrock Announces Release 1.10 of Free Automation Engineering Software

August 20, 2019 by Craig Allen

Bedrock Automation has recently released the improved Bedrock IDE 1.10. Amongst its many new features is a completely redesigned Device Management Tool, which makes the Open Secure Automation platform even easier to use. The new tool also simplifies integration of firmware into the IDE and service packs, and updates all controllers and modules to the latest firmware with a single click. It can even update multiple controllers simultaneouslyBedrock_OSA_Reg_The redesigned Device Management Tool connects to Bedrock controllers using both IPV6 and IPV4, which allows use on networks that limit IPV6 connections. Adding a TCP driver to the runtime of the controller enables a direct connection to Bedrock controllers. Simply entering a routable IP address into the connection path makes managing controllers across a layered network simple and scalable.

Bedrock Automation has also enhanced its open and secure library by improving the Bedrock PID block and has added easy-to-use helper blocks that make pulling diagnostics and parameters out of the controller simple and pain-free.

In addition to the Bedrock IDE 1.10, all controllers have received firmware feature enhancements and reliability improvements that help perform live firmware updates on redundant systems change IP addresses and device parameters without interrupting the process, remotely reboot when needed, along with many other new capabilities.

The free Bedrock HART Configuration Tool (FDT) has also been revamped to work seamlessly with all Bedrock hardware and connected HART devices. Furthermore, Bedrock IDE users benefit from major Codesys platform improvements to the structured text (ST) editor, which make it easier to find related variables and jump between each instance.

The IDE now also supports dark mode color schemes in ST that allow for a light-on-dark theme to avoid eye strain while developing code. Other improvements include better troubleshooting and diagnostics for protocols such as Ethernet IP and more support for EDS files from all vendors. Additional features have been added to IO devices to support Smart IO, which allows function blocks to be designed to work especially well with IO modules to allow single click linking of function blocks to IO.


Download the free Bedrock IDE 1.10 here today to begin exploring all the software has to offer.

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