I had the pleasure of attending the Natural Gas Odorization Conference at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Houston, yesterday.  The Royal Sonesta is a really nice venue, and what I really like to do is check out the exhibition floor and talk to folks.


Natural gas needs to be odorized because it can cause death by replacing oxygen in your blood stream.  Historically the focus has been natural gas used for cooking in people’s homes.  But with the rise of LNG, and such industries, much attention is being given to industrial applications:  like pipelines, refineries, and petrochemical plants.


All the right players appeared to be at the conference.  I spoke to companies that actually make the odorizer, usually a mercaptan: methane and sulfur compound.  Other light hydrocarbons combined with sulfur can also be used.  At room temperature, the odorant appears to be a liquid but it flashes into the gaseous state when mixed with methane.


Other companies were their too.  For instance, those who package the odorant and those who build systems for injecting it into the process (providing all the instrumentation and control systems required).  Furthermore, I spoke to a company that uses electromagnetic waves to spot the gas leak on camera – they also use drones to do this.


Overall, time well spent for me.  We ended the day with a nice mixer at 5pm.  There was plenty of shrimp, oysters, noodles, Shiner, and J&B for everyone.  The conference ends today.  Come and join us.



Traci Branstetter
3401 Louisiana Street, Suite 110
Houston, TX 77002
713 449 3222



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