Summer NAPE, Final Day, 8/22/2019

The NAPE Conference came to a close yesterday, and as usual, with a lot of fun and excitement.  NAPE Summer was held at the George R. Brown Conference August 21 – 22.  Most of the people I spoke to do the legal legwork for securing a prospect for drilling:  courthouse documents, contracts, surveying, and other such good stuff.


The day was spent pretty much as the previous.  The exhibition was open all day.  Corporate presentations were sprinkled in at NAPE Theater.  I met more companies that do the engineering work to prove a reserve is there and some companies that supply the software, and some who do both.


As the conference was coming to a close, the Happy Hours got kicked off at various venues around town.

  • Permian and Eagle Ford, The Grotto at GRB
  • East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Biggio’s at Marriott Marquis
  • Mid Continent, Michigan, Illinois, Appalachian, Xochi at Marriott Marquis
  • Rockies, OCS, Arkansas, West Coast, Canada, Cueva at Marriott Marquis


Then we switched gears and got ready for the gran finale:  HAPL Permian Social.  This event was held at the Prohibition Super Club and Bar on Prairie St.  I had a lot of good discussions, to many fragments to put together here; but it was great seeing the conference goers again at the social.


NAPE comes to Houston twice per year:  Winter and Summer.  If you want to get in on the new prospects, like the Austin Chalk in Louisiana, then come join us.  See you in February 2020.


Meanwhile please check out theses photos from yesterdays events.





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