Summer NAPE Conference and Exhibition is in Houston, August 21 and 22.  The event is being held at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  The meeting is hosting speakers and a very large exhibition.  NAPE s all about oil prospects, investing, and making deals.


Yesterday we kicked off the meeting with a business conference and speaking presentations.  The afternoon included the exhibition.  The exhibition spreads across both Exhibition Halls B and C.


One of the things that amazed me yesterday is how software is essential to this industry.  Determining the boundaries of a property, who owns it, how to handle the geospatial data, and which are the essential courthouse records is a Herculean task.  However, this land prospecting business has it under control.


Last evening we closed the day with a conference ICEBREAKER!!!  This is the part that I really like.  Always plenty to eat and drink.  But, the best part of the icebreaker is a time to relax and talk shop.  You can really get some good insights into oil prospects and investing at these more intimate mixers.


The event closes today at 5pm.  Come and join us.


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