Video: The NECA/IBEW Powering America Team Positively Affects the Affordable Housing Crisis in Portland, OR

Powering America is a collaboration between the National Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Their aim is to guarantee the delivery of the specialized union labor that is need for big electrical construction projects.  I had a chance to speak with these folks at the recent Wind Power Conference in Houston.

Windspector in action - GEV Clobotics 2019 - low res

The Powering America team is well prepared to handle all of America’s transmission and distribution needs. They bring the skills required to confidently install the lines that move power from plants to factories, businesses and homes nationwide. Each member pursues this critical work with the knowledge that only comes from years of training and experience.

Whether building new lines, rebuilding existing ones or providing immediate restoration assistance in times of disaster, the work of the Powering America team is meticulously completed safely and efficiently.

This work becomes even more crucial as the demand for electricity steadily grows, as an aging infrastructure needs rebuilding and as renewable power generation source – such as wind and solar – grow, requiring a greater transmission and distribution investment. The Powering America team assures that the investment is well spent.

Please enjoy their video.


Mir Mustafa

Ray Kasmark

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