The president and Congress recently agreed to rise the debt limit.  What a deflating feeling.  All this money is being spent but I am not seeing it spent on US citizens.  Here is what I mean.

  • There is a tax deduction for school teachers who have to pay out of pocket for school supplies.  Why would a school teacher need to do that?  I have spoken to teachers and they tell me that they are not provided with enough materials.
  • Our infrastructure in this country needs to be upgraded, that includes roads, bridges (Minneapolis bridge failure), electrical grid, and water pipes.  I just do not see that happening.
  • It seems like every time a new freeway is put in, it comes in the form of a toll road.  With all the money the government is spending, why do I need to pay extra for that?
  • It appears that many toll roads are being operated by foreign companies.  What is wrong with American companies?  I think the government should operate them but if it is going to be private, I feel it should be American.  That way the money has a chance of recirculating in our own economy.  I know that in the 1900s, the British built toll roads for Brazil and also collected the tolls as a private corporation – we see what good that did Brazil.
  • College tuition is sky rocketing.  I went to college from 1979 to 1990 and I saw the beginning  of this rise in cost.  Back then I said, “My God, I feel so sorry for our young people”.  Why is that money not being spent on helping Americans afford college.  I have spoken personally to young people who say they simply cannot afford college.

On average, there was just one civilian contractor in Vietnam for every six active duty soldiers fighting there, according to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, which establishes policies for Defense Department contracts. In the Iraq War, that ratio rose to 1 to 1. During the U.S. occupation of Iraq, there were at least 200 different private security companies in operation, according to a 2009 report from the Peace Research Institute Oslo, a think tank.  – Huffington Post 2014


Meanwhile there does not appear to be any trouble with private corporations getting a piece of the debt pie:  private prisons, private jails, contract interrogators (I think that is still legal), private constructors building military camps overseas, private companies cooking and washing clothes for military personal (I never saw John Wayne enjoying that in the Green Berets), private detention facilities on our border.

I can understand getting a contractor to build a military missile defense system; but not cooking food and washing clothes.  This was a scandal in Iraq because the cost, if I remember correctly, was around $80 a pop.

Below I have a list of private government contractors from Wikipedia.  Look at all the investment firms and foreign corporations.   I have also added a list of companies that run jails and other such things.  Meanwhile our government is busy running investigations on Russian collusion that does not exist, conducting surveillance on private citizens running for public office, analyzing stains on dresses (Bill Clinton), and discussing pubic hairs on Coke cans (Clarence Thomas).  More on this later.

Private Prisons


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