Here is a presentation that did not really catch my attention at the time back in March but soon afterwards Occidental rocked the energy industry with its bid for Anadarko.  I think it is interesting to reflect on this video with current events in mind.  Here are some of Vicki’s main points:


  • Occidental is committed to carbon capture and CO2 sequestration.
  • CO2 is used for enhanced oil recovery and about 40% of the CO2 used in this process remains in the ground as sequestered CO2.
  • Occidental has started a team called Oxy Low Carbon Ventures which is looking into ways to generate more efficient electricity and then capture the CO2 from that combustion, thus using the CO2 for enhanced oil recovery.  They are also looking into obtaining CO2 from direct air capture.
  • CO2 from ethanol plants is also being sent to the Permian for enhanced oil recovery.

Please enjoy the video.



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