Video: FBI investigating secret society of tattooed cops, The Banditos, in East Los Angeles

This is a news item that I learned about just today.  It appears that history is repeating itself, as it always does.  This group, The Banditos, gives the appearance to me of being a right wing extremist organization.  None of the news agencies give the the group’s motives for harassing fellow officers, but I suspect it is a reaction based on some far right ideology.  History is full of examples where secret groups within the government feel it is their responsibility to save the world – that includes right and left ideologies.

I see this as an important issue for the energy industry actually.  President Trump definitely wants to help us in this business.  However, look at how  polarized our nation has become over race, sexual orientation, immigration, health insurance, etc.  For every job that I apply for I have to answer if I am a US citizen or not; and our government cannot ask this on a census form?  This is the first period of my life where I see people struggling over microphones or shouting people down at White House press conferences or simply being obstructionist for no other reason but because they can be.  All this shouting and physical confrontation is not the America that I was brought up in.


If Trump supports our industry, that means more drilling, more construction, more income, better schools, more BBQ parties, and a better life.  Enforced immigration will ensure that the jobs created by a booming economy will go to us, American citizens, and not passed under the table to non-Americans.  The law says that American jobs must go to Americans; and that only when an American cannot be found, can it go to a non-American.  Which, by the way, when is that going to happen?  Americans are the most technologically trained and best university educated people on the planet.  What is there that you want to search for and not find here?

So, I have two videos for you.  The first is a summary of the Banditos gang problem within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  The second is a possible explanation offered by the Dirty Harry movie, Magnum Force 1973.  This problem of extremists, avenging angels hidden within the government is nothing new, i.e. recent past members of the FBI.  Magnum Force was filmed in 1973.  Please enjoy the videos.



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