With the current opioid epidemic in our industry and our country, I though this video might be informative.  I met this company at the Gulf Coast Conference held in Houston last fall, 2018.

I did not know that to test a material for a substance you have to use a reference material, which is that substance in its pure state.  Although I have a degree in chemistry, almost all of my experience is in quantitative chemistry, not qualitative.  And even when I did do qualitative, like NMR or IR, I dont remember using the same pure material as a reference.  So I was unaware of this until recently.

This video is about 10 months old, a bit dated, but I think news worthy.  As more and more people are cracking under the strain of this great economy, I expect drug testing to become a topic of much discussion, in some form or the other.  Please enjoy.


Rebekah Biermann

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