Brunel Industry Services Hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and BBQ Open House, 6/28/2019

Brunel Industry Services is opening a new office in Pasadena, Texas.  On Friday, I had the pleasure of attending their ribbon cutting ceremony and afternoon BBQ party, 4460 Genoa Red Bluff Road.


Brunel is a workforce solutions company, headquartered in Holland.  Brunel Industry Services is a subsidiary focusing on construction projects.  In other words, if you need a distillation tower or a new electrical substation installed, then they can do it for you.


Brunel Industry Services  offers 3 different product lines:

  1. Industrial and Pipeline
  2. Insulation and Scaffolding
  3. Instrument and Electrical

In all 3 areas, they can provide estimating, scheduling, and project management services.


Brunel prides itself in being able to install things such as plant process piping and gas transmission pipelines.  That includes valves, pumps, compressors.  They can also manufacture the pipe.


Most folks like me, do not realize that scaffolding needs to be engineered.  Those things do not just support people, but hand tools and sometimes machinery.  That is one of the things Brunel prides itself in doing.  They can also slap insulation on anything you got, like piping, and heat exchangers – Brunel does metal cladding too.


Brunel Industry Services President, Raymond Garrett

In the area of instrumentation and electrical. Brunel can do things like help you shutdown your plant as you transfer to a different distributed control system.  They can also install flow control devices and metering stations.  Moreover, Brunel is also experienced in chromatograph buildings, transformers, switch gear, and motor control centers.


I am going to keep my eye on Brunel Industry Services.  Something tells me the energy business is about to take off and Pasadena is going to be hopping.  By the way, Brunel also has a Midland, Texas office too.


Laureen Lucas


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