I had the opportunity to speak with Ian Rowell at the Downstream 2019 Conference and Exhibition in Houston on June 11th. Ian is the Global Segment Manager for Downstream Oil and Gas Protective Coatings. At our interview, we discussed how AkzoNobel is forging the future of fire and corrosion protection in downstream plants through epoxy resins.


Ian Rowell (right)

AkzoNobel offers fire protection via its product called Chartek. Chartek is an epoxy intumescent coating that is applied to steel support structures. In the past, if a flare header column needed fire protection, the standard solution was concrete. By using Chartek, the fire protection can be installed quicker. How about that for saving time and money?

As for corrosion, AkzoNobel offers its product Interbond. Corrosion is a problem for piping, whether the pipe is uninsulated or insulated. The issue is specifying the right coating for the right temperature application. With Interbond, one size fits all with a range of operation of -321°F to 1202°F. Not a bad solution for cutting down on time and mistakes.

Ian noted that AkzoNobel also offers a service called InterPlan, a reliability assessment survey. They will survey your plant and assess all your fire and corrosion coating needs. If there are minor defects in your passive fire protection, AkzoNobel has developed computer software that uses finite element analysis to assess the extent of the damage and predict the effect on the structure by running various scenarios.


For more information, please go to their website: https://www.akzonobel.com/en

Astrid Greve-Spencer
Communications Manager

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