A key component of Cloakware® Security Services, Trusted Telemetry delivers reliable information on security events in real-time, providing early warning of cyberattacks


INDUSTRIAL IOT USA, CHICAGO – 18 June 2019 – IoT plays a significant role in shaping the future of manufacturing. However, as the manufacturing and industrial space has become connected, Industrial Control Systems have become a strategic and lucrative hacking target. According to a recent Irdeto survey, 79% of organizations in the manufacturing sector have experienced a cyberattack targeting IoT devices. When it comes to combating cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector, organizations need to be less reactive and more proactive. To help organizations become more proactive, Irdeto has launched Trusted Telemetry to deliver reliable information on security events in real-time to provide early warning of cyberattacks.

A key component of Cloakware® Security Services, Trusted Telemetry is the only solution that reliably delivers security events that get to the heart of a cyberattack in progress and insights to correlate events to obtain a true big picture. Operators in a manufacturing environment need to trust the data and devices within their infrastructure. For systems without a reliable and secure data pipeline, Trusted Telemetry does exactly this by securing both the pipeline as well as the data at its point of origin. Unlike other solutions that are based on anomaly detection, which often results in false positives, the solution provides real-time detection of device exploits for timely containment. This reduces the impact of an attack and provides thorough mitigation of an exploit post-attack, resulting in cost savings for the organization.

“Not only can cybersecurity incidents cause operational disruptions, breached devices can also be commandeered to launch cyberattacks on other devices and systems,” said Jaco Du Plooy, Vice President of IoT Security, Irdeto. “Our recent Connected Industries Cybersecurity Survey found that 90% of organizations in transport, manufacturing and healthcare experienced an impact as a result of the cyberattack, including operational downtime and compromised customer data or end-user safety. These results clearly indicate that these markets have security challenges that need solving now. By implementing Trusted Telemetry as a key component of a multi-layered security strategy, organizations are in a better position to combat cyberattacks before damage is done.”

In many cases, cyberattacks occur in phases. Malware will actively mask its efforts by changing its digital signature and tampering with the telemetry from devices to improve the effectiveness and duration of the attack. Trusted Telemetry actively flags these events as they occur, so organizations have a stream of security events in real-time to continuously protect against tampering. This provides manufacturers with the ability to remediate an attack before propagation to other parts of the line, or prior to output and quality being compromised.

The simple, easy to deploy agent offers actionable information, including rooting detection, privilege escalation, hooking detection, debugger attachment, anti-tamper integrity verification (dynamic, at runtime), secure end-to-end communications over any transmission scheme and much more. The solution features a small, portable agent well suited to extend security coverage, including tiny microprocessor and RTOS based systems, and is pre-integrated with Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) systems, including IBM’s QRadar. In addition, Trusted Telemetry information provides ecosystem data which CSOs can use to optimize their amount and timing of their security investment.

Similar to the manufacturing space, the healthcare market is also experiencing security challenges. As connected devices proliferate, medical IT departments are challenged to manage, monitor and constrain the devices to ensure both data privacy and patient safety. Trusted Telemetry provides reliable and robust critical security events in near real-time, without any complicated forensics and additional processing required. Critical security events can be logged and the data cannot be compromised by hackers in the generation phase, at rest or in transit.

Trusted Telemetry is the first component to be launched as a part of Cloakware Security Services. At Black Hat 2019, Irdeto will launch its next component. Stay tuned for more information.


To learn more about Trusted Telemetry, please visit: https://resources.irdeto.com/cloakware-trusted-telemetry/datasheet-cloakware-trusted-telemetry-for-industrial-iot

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