The Data Driven Drilling and Production Conference and Exposition (DDDP) was held June 11 – 12, 2019, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Houston.  The exhibition was so large that additional booths were setup in the hallways.  This was a fun event.


Here is a short list of some of the topics discussed at the event.

  • The future vision for oil and gas – the digital transformation
  • Automation and optimization
  • Analytics and predictive maintenance
  • Data collection, management, and integration
  • Artificial intelligence driving production


Here are some topics that really jumped out at me during the conference.

  1. Look for more companies like Red Hat to participate in the energy industry.  Red Hat was recently bought out by IBM (according to Red Hat representatives at the conference) and IBM has plans to make the professional version of linux available to corporations.  Linux allows a company to tailor the operating system to a company’s needs through “open source” software.  This can allow the data acquisition process to use certain ports across the internet, restrict processes and users to specific files, and even isolate certain applications to very specific pathways of communication with the SCADA system.
  2. Furthermore, I spoke to a few companies that plan to completely automate the drilling process with artificial intelligence and computers.  The data will be used to train a computer to operate the system, and over time, create a digital “expert” on the process being controlled.  If the process experiences an upset, the digital “expert” will know what to do at the speed of light.


DDDP comes to Houston every year.  Please view their website


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