The Woodlands, Texas – April 23, 2019. Bourque Logistics, the leader in rail logistics systems for more than 30 years, announced the launch of its Spanish version of YardMaster® specifically tailored for rail shipping operations in Mexico. The first production deployment took place in early 2019 at a rail terminal located in San Luis Potosí.


Spanish versions of YardMaster Mobile® applications provided by Bourque Logistics’ partner, Industrial Networks, will also enhance the robust functionality of YardMaster® systems. These tools are now available to Spanish-speaking shipping personnel, in the office or the field, in their native language.

“As the market for fuels and other refined products expands on both sides of the border, we are pleased to provide multi-lingual support for rail shippers and terminals in Mexico,” said Steve Bourque, president of Bourque Logistics. “Along with the ruggedized AEI-scanning tablets provided by our partner, Industrial Networks, we can now provide our YardMaster® rail operations functionality in Spanish.”

“Our portable AEI-scanner applications, now available in Spanish, allow Mexican rail terminals to efficiently manage railcar switching, inventory, inspection, volume corrected loading and unloading, and more,” said Jimmy Finster, president of Industrial Networks.  In addition, both Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks are staffed with bilingual experts for training and support for Spanish-speaking users.

Used by over 250 industrial railyards in North America, Bourque Logistics’ YardMaster® is a robust rail operations software that fully automates rail shipping operations, such as railcar request and release, switching, onsite inventory, order scheduling and rack assignment, railcar inspection, and BOL transmission. In addition, YardMaster® provides load and offload optimization by performing load bay verification, advanced outage, and volume correction calculations.


For more information, visit or watch our company overview videos at

Bourque Logistics is also an exhibitor at the Downstream Conference 2019, June 11 – 12.  Visit booth #G57.  See the website:

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