While attending the Gas Processors Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas, April 2019, I spoke with Ben MacFarlane of Blackbird Business Intelligence.  Please read his industry profile.


Blackbird BI offers data models built by Ben MacFarlane who has

  • 5 years of Oil & Gas field experience
  • Masters Degree focused on applied quantitative methods and models
  • 12 years of experience analyzing Oil & Gas markets

Blackbird BI is a data analytics company focused on delivering data through interactive Power BI dashboards to enhance business intelligence in oil & gas markets. Power BI is a Microsoft business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions.

Some large companies have similar models and Power BI dashboards, but it rarely makes sense for small or medium-sized companies to build and maintain their own. Blackbird BI levels the playing field by offering superior models through Power BI dashboards at rock-bottom prices.

Blackbird BI collects, refreshes, combines and delivers public data so users can quickly gain market insights by clicking through interactive charts and maps. These data dashboards are available from any device and are used by experts to track the market and validate what they hear.  Novices can also learn the market quickly with interactive visuals.

Subscribers can leverage Blackbird BI’s legwork, and Microsoft technology to better compete in today’s data-driven global market.

About Ben

After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 2001, Ben began his oil and gas career as a mechanic’s helper in Weld County, CO.  Having 5 years’ experience in field gives him important insight and perspective about the oil and gas industry and related industry data. When the plant ran smoothly, Ben was able to spend many night shift hours finishing his B.S. degree.

In 2006, Ben resigned as lead plant operator to attend graduate school full time at Colorado School of Mines.  The program focused on applied quantitative methods and models that form a foundation for sound business decision making and public policy.  I learned how algorithms work and how to use them to see historic data relationships, to forecast into the future, and to solve for optimal financial or physical metrics”, Ben adds.

For the next 5 years, Ben analyzed natural gas, oil, and natural gas liquids (NGLs) markets for BENTEK Energy.  He relished the learning opportunity; and was instrumental in creating an innovative line of data models and reports focused on supply, demand, and price of NGL.

Ben returned to DCP in 2012 and spent 6 years at Corporate, where he continued to learn about the NGL market and finance; and helped analyze M&A opportunities, and construct Foard-level market reports. Ben states, “I’m especially proud of 2 corporate models I built for DCP: a model calculating optimal ethane rejection level at plants, and a production forecasting model to better run what-if scenarios.”

In his Strategic Planning role at DCP, Ben worked hard to make important data available in a consumable format so that strategic ideas could better emerge from across the organization.  He found Power BI to be a wonderful way for the Commercial team and others at DCP to better visualize and interact with data relating to drilling rigs, well production, and gas plant capacity data.

Ben now works to bring his market knowledge and modeling skills to help you better understand the oil and gas market and your position in it. Learn more at blackbirdbi.com or email Ben benmac@blackbirdbi.com


Invite Ben to come present about current Oil & Gas market trends to your employees FREE!

Download speech Ben gave at Apr 2019 Gas Processors Association (GPA) annual convention:  NGL Bbl Trending Lighter in Shale Age (PDF)

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