Energy Tech Night was held last night at the WeWork offices in downtown Houston.  The event is sponsored by InnovateEnergy, and this meeting focused on how to manage all the data being collected by drones and sensors.  In attendance, were individuals from startup companies, working professionals, investors, and college students.


Here is a rundown of the startup companies that presented during the “shark tank” portion of the meeting:

  • Corva – Smarter technology. Faster Drilling. We provide analytics and data-driven insights that empower informed decisions in real-time via mobile devices and the web.
  • 2DA Analytics – We visualize insights in real time. 2DA is a software company and analytics lab developing decision support solutions for commodity supply & trading businesses.
  • Nesh – The Smart Assistant for Oil and Gas. Powerful Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience workflows in a conversational interface.


There was also a discussion panel with industry experts.  Here is the list of who participated.

  • Trevin Vaughn, Managing Partner, Red Team Investments
  • Chris Robart, President, Ambyint
  • Rollyn Reyes, Petroleum/Drilling Engineer, Chevron


What really caught my ear last night at the panel discussion was that so much data is currently being collected, by computers and sensors; and that, according to the panelists, most of the data is not utilized.  Raw data cannot be utilized immediately.  A substantial amount of it is not usable due to faulty readings or process upsets, etc.  It must be cleaned up and currently that takes too much man power.  The panel estimated that about 80% of the data simply is not utilized.


Energy Tech Night is a quarterly event.  For more information on this recurring meeting and others like it, please check out this website: .  See you there.


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