United Against Human Trafficking held a seminar yesterday on how to detect the signs of human trafficking:  A Hospitality Industry Guide.  It was held at the ICON Hotel, 2pm.  I enjoyed this presentation.


The group differentiates between human smuggling and trafficking.  Smuggling requires movement across a border.  While trafficking does not require movement at all.  Thus, trafficking can occur in a single hotel room for days or weeks at at time.


Thus, the seminar gave a few tips on how to spot trafficking in the hospitality industry.  A couple of examples, that in the past have been indicators, include people loitering in the hallway for large amounts of time or when a woman checks into a hotel, she asks the man beside her for her own driver’s license and credit card.


Furthermore, there is no “smoking gun” personal/physical characteristic that identifies a person who traffics in humans.  It can be anyone:  male, female, white, black, family, stranger. And if the victim cannot speak English, that entraps them even more because it reduces the number of people to whom they can call out. For more information and upcoming seminars, go to www.uaht.org.heinad


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