Yesterday, I attended the AWEA Conference and strolled their exhibition, which takes up the entire exhibition space at the George R. Brown Convention Center: Sections A – E. One of the things I learned yesterday is how electricity is transmitted from the wind turbine to the users of electricity.


The wind turbine cannot be directly connected to wires because as the blades spin, the wires would get tangles up.  Thus, carbon pads are used.  They spin with the blades and conduct electricity to a stator, that then transmits the electricity to users.  The carbon pads or brushes are consumable; and from time to time must be adjusted and replaced.


The other thing I learned is how important it is to have a physical plan ready when it comes to installing a wind turbine.  A plan includes taking a aerial survey of the land, digitizing it, finding out who owns the land, what are the official boundaries, where are the utilities, using software to annotate the digitized map and layout the engineering work.


AWEA conference continues until Thursday.  So please come on down and see us.  Meanwhile please enjoy more photos below from last night’s mixers, and “extended mixers”.






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