Bedrock Automation: Cloud-based Well Head Monitoring and Control Simplified

Temblor Petroleum is implementing Bedrock® Open Secure Automation (OSA®) for an innovative cloud-based well head control and data-sharing application. The application enables Temblor to monitor and operate well heads remotely, providing secure real-time production data while minimizing the need for onsite operators.

Bedrock OSA_Nucleus_Enterprise_Network_at Temblor Petroleum.PNG

We really wanted to optimize technology to impact our operations, field surveillance and have real-time data. This system has allowed us to achieve that from any location, office or field with access to the internet,” said Temblor President Mike Thorsen.

Bedrock Open Secure Automation provides the control infrastructure that is now automating operation of two well heads and will also scale to operate more wells in the future. It controls tank levels, pumps, compressors, separators, duct valves and other devices, and is cyber hardened by the Bedrock Cybershield security designed into its electronics.

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Robert Bergman
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Bedrock Automation Platforms, Inc.
Mobile: 626-824-0404

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