The AWEA WindPower Conference and Exhibition got off to a good start on Monday.  The event is being held at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  It is clear that the conference, which extends until May 23, will be of important significance.IMG_0832.JPG

The conference will have various sectors of the field represented, like industry, government, investors, and their foreign counterparts.  Topics for discussion include,

  • Windfarms
  • Storage
  • Regulation
  • Turbines
  • Software
  • Risk
  • Analytics
  • and a whole lot more


Last night was a real treat, we had two mixers.  The first, Opening Reception,  was at Discovery Green Park and was sponsored by British Petroleum. We had really nice musical entertainment, a nice sounding country band. The second, WindPAC Reception was at The Grove which included an awards night and really nice buffet:  pork ribs, crab, oysters, salad, etc.


There is still time to come  and join us.  Please visit their website:




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