IADC Drilling Onshore Conference and Exhibition was held at the OMNI Hotel Houston Westside on May 16, 2019.  The conference is held with the intent of discussing all the issues related to drilling onshore:  tools, software, environment, safety, regulation, and more.  Texas Railroad Commission Ryan Sitton was also one of the presenters.


The exhibition was excellent as well.  All the big players were there; but it was the post conference mixer sponsored by NOV that really caught my eye.  At the event, NOV exhibited their unique operating system:  NOV Operating System, or NOVOS.


NOV is promoting drilling optimization via automation.  The drilling operation can be put on “automatic pilot”.  Data is collected and any problems in drilling are corrected through the software that NOV provides – that includes the data logging.


The key to NOV’s automated drilling approach is their operating system: NOVOS.  NOVOS is a special platform written by NOV to host applications designed to optimize the drilling process.  The applications come from NOV’s eVolve Optimization Service.  Drilling time can be cut by 42% and perhaps even more.


What I think is really cool is that NOV offers a software development kit for NOVOS.  You can write your own software and plug it into the operating system for managing your drilling operation, your way.  NOVOS is a browser based and is a completely closed system that is not connected to the internet.


I met some truly extraordinary people at the IADC Drilling Onshore Conference.  It was certainly worth the drive to attend.  Please check their website:  www.iadc.org


For more information on the NOVOS product, please contact,
Damon Trager
Director, Promotional Marketing




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