There is some buzz on the TV networks about drones attacking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The US State Department appears hesitant to remark and are referring questions to the Saudi Government.  Here is a slightly dated press release from the Saudi Embassy in Washington D. C.


The Coalition Forces to Support the Legitimacy in Yemen Spokesperson, Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, stated that at 7:40am this morning, Abha Airport’s defense system detected an unidentified object moving in the direction of the airport. This object was then managed in accordance with the rules of engagement and destroyed. All air traffic was suspended in accordance with the international laws of aviation, which later resumed after neutralizing the threat. Upon examining the debris of the object by Coalition specialists, it was found to be a hostile Houthi combat drone, with Iranian characteristics and specifications, which was attempting to attack the airport- an area protected under international law.

Additionally, Col. Al-Maliki also stated that at 7:30am today, an unidentified object was spotted heading in the direction of a civilian landmark in Jizan. Air defense dealt with the object, destroying it without causing any losses. Upon Coalition specialists examining the object, it was determined that parts match the combat drone that attempted to attack Abha International Airport.

Col. Al-Maliki also noted that at 5:30 pm today, the Coalition air defense spotted 3 missiles that were launched by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia from within the Yemeni territory of Sa’ada and the Northern part of the territory of Amran towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One of these rockets was going towards the capital Riyadh, the other two were directed at the cities of Najran and Jizan, targeting civilian and populated areas. All of these missiles were intercepted by the Saudi Royal Air Defense forces, resulting in fragments of rockets falling in neighborhoods. No injuries or casualties were recorded at the time of the statement being made.

The Coalition expressed a strong warning against the Iranian-backed Houthi militias for their continued targeting of civilians and civilian locations. Their use of terror tactics will be managed with a forceful response, and the Coalition will take all necessary defensive actions, in accordance to international humanitarian law and known customs.

The Coalition issued a warning against using these attacks against civilians, civilian locations, as well as vital and industrial installations. The Houthi militia should be forewarned that these continued actions would have consequences that will be theirs to bear. The Houthis are in clear violation of United Nations resolution 2216 and 2231, threatening the security of the Kingdom and threatening regional security. The firing of ballistic missiles at populated cities and villages is a violation of international humanitarian law, proving that the Iranian-backed Houthi militia continues to flaunt their disregard for international norms.


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