US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, spoke at CERAWeek 2019, here in Houston during the month of March.  Although it was difficult to sift though the “politics” of his speech, I do believe that he gave us a behind the scenes look at the blueprint our nation has for international relations going forward.


Pompeo believes that America will be an international leader via Energy Security.  From what I can tell, this plan has three components:

  1. Energy Diversity – By the US becoming an international exporter of oil and gas, diversity is augmented in the marketplace.  Nations around the world have a choice when it comes to planning their energy supply for their military, electricity, and transportation; and they will not have to depend on the “bad guys”:  Russia, Iran, Venezuela, etc.
  2. Promulgate US Business Model – Through energy, the US can export, not only oil, but Americanism; that is, our system works:  freedom, diversity, capitalism, democracy, and free markets.
  3. Supplant the bad actors in the international energy business who use their energy products to hold other nations hostage.  Diversity and sanctions will drive the tyrant nations off the stage.

Please see the entire speech in the video below:

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