MPUR held an all day conference at the Hotel Alessandra on May 9, 2019, Houston.  The conference is for the purpose of bringing together like minded people – experts in the multiphase pumping area.  In essence, a think tank is created.  Investors were also present.


I have been following this group and this topic for a few years.  When I was in college, we were told never to pump fluids with different phases – damage is caused to the impellers.  But this group decided to think out of the box, although their focus seems to be on rotary screw pumps, they have also implemented centrifugal pumps for muliphase flow.  Anything can be done if the right engineering and materials are used.


For lunch, we heard a presentation by Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton.  One question from the audience asked how is methane flaring looking for the future.  The Commissioner stated that it will continue.  The reason is that the infrastructure does not exist yet as regards pipelines and export terminals.


I had a chance to speak with the Commissioner outside the hotel while I was taking a break.  One question I posed was the use of methane cars to lower the amount of flaring.  Methane cars are more efficient than electric, because in the case of methane cars, the energy is used in one step; while in the case of electric cars the efficiency is lower because there are two steps – methane to electricity, then electricity to locomotion.  The Commissioner stated that the problem is a lack of public awareness.


The MPUR event is held every year close to the end of the Offshore Technology Conference.  Please visit their website:


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