I had the opportunity to speak with Tito Warren, Vice President of Global Sales and Distribution for Red Wing Shoe Company at the OTC Conference on May 8. I asked Tito what is currently trending in the field of personal protective equipment. He stated unequivocally that the whole industry is moving towards a culture of safety. Although, the movement is spearheaded by the industry majors, in the energy industry that would be firms like Exxon, Shell, and Dow; nevertheless, safety is just good business. Here is why.


  • A culture of safety communicates to the employee that they are valued. This is great for morale and productivity.
  • Safety helps reduce lost manpower.
  • Safety helps companies avoid higher insurance premiums.
  • Safety helps side step fines and penalties assessed by the government, like OSHA.
  • Finally, having a good safety record gives your company a great reputation and business value.


You still have time to come and see Tito at the Red Wing Booth #3215. Visit their website,www.redwingsafety.com

Chelsey Knutson

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